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All of us at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Iowa share a common goal: to help you manage your money more effectively.


Karen has served as agency CEO since founding the organization in 1984. She guides the staff and makes sure the agency is complying with creditors' policies. Karen makes sure CCCS continues its strong tradition of education on credit and debt management issues. Should you have a concern take it up with her. She, like her counselors, is certified for credit and bankruptcy counseling. She's in charge of making sure the agency's story is told so individuals and organizations know the important role CCCS plays in its communities it serves. Karen builds relationships so the agency can serve you.

Gail is the detail person who makes the financial transactions between our clients and credit card companies happen. She implements Debt Management Plans by notifying creditors on your behalf and implements creditor policies as well. She keeps counselors in the loop when she notices a change with creditor policies. Gail also works with your bank to ensure money is received and disbursed as planned. Gail is an incorporater who began with CCCS in 1987. gail@cccsia.org

Tami assists Gail. She began in 2007 and oversees the special account for fixed-income clients, paying their bills and providing them with weekly checks. She also assists Gail with the regular trust account management and disbursements.

Ron is our house accountant. He makes sure the books for the agency are balanced. Ron began with CCCS in 1988. He also helps with purchase of equipment, updating facilities and related issues.

Lindsey is certified for credit, housing and bankruptcy counseling. She started with CCCS in 2006. lindsey@cccsia.org

Susan started as our customer service representative in 2006. She takes your calls, sets your appointments, informs attorneys, gets your paperwork set and tries to relieve some of the stress you may feel when you call. waterloo@cccsia.org

Mason City

Kathye is our Mason City Branch Manager. She is also a certified credit, bankruptcy and housing counselor. In addition to managing the branch office, Kathye is very involved in her community. Kathye is a former committee woman for the Iowa Home Ownership Program and served as a member of the Human Rights Commission in Mason City.  Kathye continues to serve the Mason City area as she supports the fight to eliminate discrimination. Kathye started this office in 1994 through volunteer service. masoncitymanager@cccsia.org

Jim joined the office in 2009 and assists Kathye with getting the word out about our organization to the community. He writes grants for the Mason City office and is currently editing grants for the entire agency.  

Marshalltown consumers may contact our Waterloo office at 800-714-4388 or e-mail waterloo@cccsia.org.
Mark is a certified credit, housing and bankruptcy counselor in this branch. He has extensive background in financial services, community service and retail management. Mark joined us in 2005 and provides credit and debt, bankruptcy and housing counseling for clients. counselor@cccsia.org
Ames consumers may contact our Des Moines office, known as Mid-Iowa Credit Counseling at 888-272-4118 or email dmmanager@cccsia.org

Des Moines 

Amber is a certified credit and housing counselor.  Amber started with us at our Ames office and has since transferred to our Des Moines. dmmanager@cccsia.org



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