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Our mission is to help you: manage your money more effectively and get out of debt. 

Our credit counseling is
free and confidential. Our certified credit counselors can take fear out of the experience.  Our counselors are nationally certified through the National Foundation for Credit Counselors.  Each counselor has completed course study from Purdue University and met the minimum requirements.  Our counselors recertify every two years to stay updated on current events and skills.  The curriculum certifies our counselors in both credit and housing counseling.
A move to reduce our use of paper has streamlined the initial process, making it easier and faster for you to get the help you need.

Your first step: compile financial information.

Assemble all of your bills (for rent or mortgage, utilities, telephone, cable, Internet, credit cards and other loans) and most recent paycheck stubs from all sources of income.

Next: call your local office (click here for phone numbers)

A certified credit counselor will take that financial information over the phone, or review it with you if you’d rather submit a completed Information Sheet online. Then you’ll be e-mailed a Statement of Services, which details all the possible services we can offer you. You initial and date, then return via e-mail (or submit online by clicking here)

Then: make an appointment. 

During your first confidential session with a certified counseloryou will complete the Sharpen Your Financial Focus survey, reviewyour bills and talk about your current financial situation. She or he will help you set up a budget and develop a plan of action to control your debt.

You choose which service fits your needs. You set your goals. You determine your financial future. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Iowa is here to help; you determine your success.



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