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"Even having a graduate degree doesn't guarantee you won't fall into debt.  It can happen to anyone." 
Even if you’re not sure what kind of help you need, take the first step and get in touch with us today for your free and confidential money management review with a certified credit counselor.
To provide the help you need as fast as possible, we’re going paperless and streamlining our process. Here is how to get help now: 
      1.  Gather your paystubs (and any other forms of income statements) and
           your bills together. Then
fill out the Online Registration Form by clicking
           on the green button at the bottom of this page. 
 2.   Before the Online Registration Form appears you will be asked to read and fill out a Statement of Services.
 3.  When we receive your Online Registration Form we will contact you within two business days to set up an appointment (phone or in-person). Because you’ve already completed a Registration Form, you can expect a thirty- to sixty-minute session. Your certified counselor will review your financial situation with you and provide options; you decide what’s best for you. Your decision determines any following action steps. 
    In Person

      If you wish to speak with a certified counselor call the office nearest you (Click here for phone numbers.) The certified counselor will collect basic information over the phone and set up an appointment for you to come in.   

 Remember, we’re here to help. We keep all of your information private. 

 Don’t wait another day. Get started now on your journey to better money management and peace of mind. 





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